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We have the best fishing equipment and we follow all the IGFA regulations.
We do big game fishing with our 80 and 50 pound lines, but we have also lines of 30 and 20 pounds if the anglers requests it.
The crew is well trained and experienced about the rules and the art of sport fishing. Most of their knowledge were taught by the best masters, their fathers.

Manta's and "Isla de la Plata" s area are well known center for whale watching.
At 8 nautical miles, you can appreciate one of the most beautiful mating rituals. Tourists will enjoy the amazing jumps of these gigantic mammals.

Manta and "Isla de la Plata" maintain their famous record, the 1.014 pound Blue Marlin caught by Jorge "Pancho" Jurado in 1985.
A lot of records caught by anglers North of Salinas have actually been caught at the same area of the "Isla de la Plata"
The activity in Manta has been limited in the years 1987 through 2002 because the fishermen have not have the facilities necessary in order to practice this beautiful sport.
Now with Blue Marlin Lodge, the story is different.

Due to the illegal and coward harassment applied to sport fishermen by some bad officers from the Galapagos National Park, we abstain from providing any service at the Galapagos Islands, until Regulations for boat rentals and sport fishing tourism operation in waters of the Marine Reserve are approved and enacted, in order to not put in jeopardy the security of our clients and friends.

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